Se Ke Seromamowa Sa Botswana *

* This is Radio Botswana

It's often said that if you work abroad you'll have the opportunity to do things that you'd never have a chance of doing at home. That's particularly true if you go to a developing country, as most expatriates will tell you. The flip-side is that no-one can ever quite relate to what you've been through when you return and the whole experience is frequently seen as irrelevant to your career. But I'm not bitter. Oh no. Here's my tale of ten years in Botswana - with pictures.

These pages have been written to tell a continuous story but there are several stand-alone sections so you may prefer to work from the index further down this page. Otherwise, please click on the picture below to start and then through to the "next page" where indicated at the bottom of each page.

Bushmen drawings in the Tsodilo Hills

Reproduction of Bushman drawings in the Tsodilo Hills
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Much to my surprise, this story has been chosen by Radio Nederland for inclusion on their website at . They've also put up a transcript of an interview I gave when I visited the Radio Nederland studios in April 2000 - you can read a copy of the interview here and the relevant bit of the whole Radio Nederland site is saved locally here. I'd prefer it if you read my pages first though - I think my layout's better!

I've had helpful and appreciative comments about this part of our site from around the world. I would be interested in comparing experiences with anyone else who's been lucky enough to find themselves providing technical assistance in a developing country. Please e-mail me at

Jan 2001

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